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Body Love

Embracing Your Female Body Changes


As a woman, our bodies carry us through many rites of passage.

From girl to wild woman

From mother to wise woman

Our hormones, body function/shape, perspective and roles as women are in perpetual cycles of transformation.

Each stage, from pregnancy to peri-menopause and into menopause and eldership, bring their own wildness, potency and juice.

Body Love sessions will support your embrace of each phase of womanhood and encourage you to thrive within it.

Sessions will help you:

Overhaul your physical and emotional relationship to your body.

Strengthen, lengthen and juice up your magnificent body according to your current life phase.

Embrace the power of each phase of your cycle.

Find confidence in your own skin.

Be at ease with your sexuality now.

Learn how to move between the focused warriorress within who is driven to achieve results AND the receptive, wise woman within who knows when to wait, empty, hold, listen and simply not know.

Your sessions involve a wide range of strategies tailored especially for your individual needs and include:

cross referral to a team of practitioners


physical therapy

somatic counselling

subtle energetic exercises

clearing, grounding and opening practices 

Plus everyday take away tools you can apply in your daily life.










Initial One on One Session​

Exploratory Body Love session 2 hours and $100 per hour follow up sessions




3 x 1.5 hour one on one time in person or on zoom, assignments between sessions keep you working towards your particular BODY LOVE goals, meditations and visualisations, resources and references to support your process.



10 x 1.5 hour one on one sessions in person or via Zoom for your evolution as an embodied woman.

Assignments, embodied nourish strategies, dance and exercises and 2 x accountability check-ins keep you moving through your particular challenges around land you back into your body and power.

Also included is:

the complimentary Lioness Lover and Leader Ebook, 

a potent embodied ritual for this phase of your life, 

specifically designed meditations and visualisations, 

powerful insights, 

recommended reading, references, resources and referrals to support your evolution.

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