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How Embodied Are You?

Woman in Underwear

You’ve just come out of a week of heavy workload and you are fatigued. You’ve drunk 2-4 coffees a day to keep going and you’ve slept for around 6-7 hours per night fitfully. Your child/pet/ neighbours party has woken you up several times in the night last night.

You’ve had no down time. Your breath is shallow and you don’t even feel your legs or the tension in your body anymore.

How would you respond if your partner has just shrunk your super favourite t -shirt? 

"The more embodied we are,
the more resilient we are to life’s ups and downs, and the greater our capacity for pleasure."
Jo Brown

Read the 5 stages below and see which resonates with you.


You have to have at least two coffees to get out of bed.

Your relax go to is at least 2 glasses of wine at the end of each day.

Your body’s needs are an inconvenience - you wish you were a man.

You don’t care much for your body shape or size - undressing in front of a lover is as embarrassing as parading around unwittingly having toilet paper stuck to your arse.

You are allergic to sand, wind and the natural world, makes you break out in a nasty rash.

Your favourite outfit is an oversized mans shirt , track suit pants and socks.

You believe all challenges are solved through thinking, planning and scheduling. You have a spreadsheet for your vacation.

Sex is a perfunctory evil that rarely happens if you can help it.


You love the occasional spa day and massage as long as they don’t mess with your hairdo.

Walking in nature and breathing practices are always second choice to pizza for breakfast and a leisurely afternoon of espresso martini’s.

Overriding your own body needs is important so you can get shit done.

Alkaline foods like broccoli and pears are eaten annually. You’d prefer a burger or degustation dining paired with fabulous wines.

Your favourite go to outfit is denim jeans/tshirt followed closely by pj’s.

You think flossing is a swedish dance move.

Orgasms are rarely had, discussed and often faked.


You care about how your body looks.

You’d like to be more comfortable in your own skin.

Your fashion go to’s are a mixture of practical and comfort - you often choose clothes by how a fabric feels on your skin.

You suspect QiGong is not a health drink.

You have tried yoga.

You’d like to learn how to tune into your body’s needs but there is always something else that needs to be done first.

Clitoral orgasms are lovely for you. They release tension but you feel there is something more to explore with your sexuality and pleasure.


You are exploring your own sexual pleasure. You don’t always rely on a partner to give you an orgasm.

You may have the occasional run of coffee but you prefer nourishing your body with alkaline foods and beverages.

You know Prana is not just a skin care brand.

Health food stores and organic markets are your natural habitat.

Embodiment practices are a staple weekly routine.

You may have done a yoga teacher training or reiki course.

You don’t shy away from subtle body practices.

You use crystals to deflect negative energy and may even use a crystal vulva wand.


Ok so you’d secretly love to own a golden lasso and fly an invisible jet but you still have two feet firmly planted on the ground.

You engage in most aspects of your life through your body, including problem solving.

You can shift easily between intellect, instinct and intuition, except after a couple of cocktails.

You have made a core value decision to get your to do’s accomplished once you’ve done your daily embodiment practice.

You play in the field of pleasure and explore full body sensation regularly.

You often hang out with other women in a creative community for fulfilment and connection.

You are aware that there are times when you simply don’t know and you can abide in that void until the answer comes.

You balance movement with stillness, unless there is chocolate involved.

You respond to signs of stress from your body as soon as you can.



Be honest - life is busy and we all have room for improvement on the Embodiment Scale !


So here’s some suggestions to support your further embodiment:





Be kinder to yourself.

Time for more selfceare. Try a weekly long bath or even an occasional massage.

RECOMMENDED TECHNIQUE: Drop your attention to your pelvis and bum regularly during your day.


Get out in nature and move slowly so you can feel the natural elements.



You know you want to so get on that mat of yours more regularly.



Make the decision to commit to a daily embodiment practice despite the resistance you will experience.

RECOMMENDED TECHNIQUE: Alternative nostril breath.


Relax and continue your daily practice whether its 10 minutes or 2 hours - getting on your mat entrains your nervous system to support you during any situation.

RECOMMENDED TECHNIQUE: Enjoy the occasional cocktail!

Happy Woman
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