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mojo program

Navigating the world of sex, love, dating and relationships.


 If you are feeling lost and alone in navigating the world of sex, dating, love and relationships - Mojo sessions will plug you back into your heart and passion so you date and relate with clarity and confidence. 

Sessions help you:

Get in tune with your body to notice dating red flags  

Clearly set healthy boundaries 

Recognise when things are in flow and when they are not

Clear baggage from previous relationships

Work toward sexual healing and emotional trauma

Build your capacity for pleasure

Drop stories and narratives that aren't serving you

Be present in your body and the moment

Experience emotional and physical safety in relationships

Your MOJO session involves a range of strategies tailored especially for your individual needs, including:


physical therapy

somatic counselling

energetic exercises

clearing, grounding and opening practices/strategies

and everyday take home tools you can apply in your daily life.



One off EXPLORATORY MOJO session


 2 hours total with Jo Brown.

 $100 per hour follow up sessions.



4 x 1.5 hour one on one time in person or on zoom, assignments between sessions keep you working towards your particular dating and relationship goals, meditations and visualisations, reading, references to support your process.



10 x 1.5 hour one on one sessions in person or via Zoom for your evolution as a juicy sovereign woman.

Assignments, embodied self love and clearing exercises and 2 x accountability check-ins keep you moving through your particular challenges and resistance around relating, sexuality, love and dating. 

Also included is:

the complimentary Lioness Lover and Leader Ebook, 

a potent embodied ritual, 

specifically designed meditations and visualisations, 

powerful insights, 

recommended reading, references, resources and referrals to support your evolution.

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