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  Consults & Sessions

Interview with Jo talking about discovering sexual intimacy and personal transformation

One on One Consults & Sessions 

Nervous but ready for change

or already going through change?

Need more than hormonal advice ? 

Would you prefer someone professionally trained who you can trust to be your point of contact for integrative medical and natural medicine referrals -

someone to champion you through the change?


A comprehensive  integrative medical approach to address client needs and concerns over female reproductive & sexual health. Issues addressed include:

Conditions or symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance including, but not limited to:


  • Peri / meno / post menopause: or cycle irregularity,

  • Excessive bleeding, breast tenderness, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, cysts & polyps, including but not limited to: sleep disturbances, libido change, pain during sexual activity,

  • Specialist collaboration (Bio-identical HRT, other hormone treatments, ultrasound, radiography, pap smear, breast exam, pelvic assessment etc.)

  • Mentoring on deeper self care and embodiment practices.

  • Addressing intimacy, sexual or relationship issues eg: dyspareunia, vaginismus, anorgasmia, GPPPD (Genital Pelvic Pain Disorder,) SIAD (Sexual Arousal Disorder) , vaginal atrophy, loss of libido, lubrication issues etc.

  • Supporting you through lifestyle, career, relationship changes.

  • Pelvic psychoenergetic healing to release subtle body attachments

  •  (birth trauma, ex lovers, transgressions etc. )



We meet to discuss what you need for your hormonal & sexual health including referrals and suggestions for  specific hormones blood panel or other specialised care.


SCIENCE 2 SPIRIT :  90 mins 

Scientific to somatic spiritual approach to address your needs and concerns.


SCIENCE: Strategically support your changing hormones post blood panel results, referral to specific specialists & practitioners from Jo’s Healthcare Directory, information on how to optimise endocrine and physical and sexual wellbeing including supplements, eating plan, movement, nervous system regulation, sexual health practices & products.


SPIRIT: Intuively guide your changing inner  life & to optimise your psychoemotional, psychosexual  and spiritual well being. May include psychotherapy, counselling and pelvic energetic subtle energy healing to release ex lovers, miscarriage/birth or other trauma as guided by your body and soul’s pace and choice.






Having hormonal, sexual or intimacy difficulties?

Are you ready for new embodied, fun and juicy chapter.

Join Jo in a potent fast track to discover your

next steps towards optimal hormonal health, productivity

and embodied relaxation.

Get clarity about your life path.

Get more sleep.

Self care around mood swings and fatigue.

Reduce hot flushes & night sweats.

Learn how to have & enjoy better sex.

Create a more loving relationship with yourself

and your body at this stage of your life. 

Develop more trusting and honest relationships with yourself ,

your partner and the world. 

Make more meaningful lifestyle / vocational choices.

Take the opportunity to expand and celebrate who you are now!


Sessions help you:

  • Get in tune with your body to experience more sensation & pleasure.

  • Hormonal Blood work results interpretation.

  • Support your symptoms of three three stages of menopause: 


 PERIMENOPAUSE: Sleep changes, hot flushes, libido change, Surges of strong emotions, loss of focus and concentration & shift/loss of identity.

 MENOPAUSE: Psychooemotional and psychosocial counseling around body image, sexual function, relationships & identity.

 POST - MENOPAUSE: Psychooemotional counseling around body image, sexual change, vaginal atrophy, loss of lubrication, pain during sexual activity and change in arousal and /or orgasm.

  • Understand what is happening within your own body.

  • Guided through and mediated referrals for specialised hormonal care.

  • Notice dating red flags early through being in touch with your body.  

  • Clearly set healthy boundaries. 

  • Create flow, peace and confidence in and out of the bedroom.

  • Clear emotional & energetic baggage from previous relationships.

  • Acknowledge elements of your past to be more present now.

  • Build your capacity for pleasure.

  • Explore your erotic life as a single or as a couple.

  • Explore what physical love means to you, what you want and how to ask for it.

  • Drop stories and narratives that aren't serving who you are you NOW.

  • Deepen your self support with tailor-made strategies.

  • Be present in your body and the moment for greater clarity.

  • Experience emotional and physical safety in relationships, especially with yourself.

  • Overhaul your physical and emotional relationship to your body.

  • ​Strengthen, lengthen and juice up your magnificent body according to your current life phase.​

  • Embrace the power of each phase of your cycle.​

  • Find confidence in your own skin.​

  • Be at ease with your sexuality now.​

  • Learn how to move between the focused achiever who is driven to get results AND the receptive woman within who knows when to wait, empty, hold, listen and simply not know.​                                              


Your sessions involve a wide range of strategies tailored especially for your individual needs.

  Initial 30 mins consultation


 90 min  Science to Spirit Session

To enquire:

Email :















If you need more support than a just a one off consultation, together we can create an individually designed  

Hormonal Program to support you over

2- 6 cycles/months.

Monthly Membership may include as an example:


Fortnightly consultations

Blood work panel referral

Hormonal panel interpretation

Assessment of hormonal support efficacy

Supplement/Nutritional advice

Individual and Relationship Counselling

Sexual Health support & practices

Sexual Health service and product referral

Access to Jo's carefully curated Wellness Directory







Discovery Mentorships


Ready for a 8 week Mentorship to change your life?

Ready to reclaim your your own mojo & potency?

Focus on one aspect of your life you are ready to transform, whether its enjoying your own body's pleasure, juicing up your sex life with your partner, letting go of or redefining some aspect of your life or a relationship or bringing in a new one! 


6 sessions over 8 weeks

including exclusive one on one time with Jo

plus video, audio and other invaluable resources.

Your sessions involve a wide range of strategies tailored especially

for your individual needs.

price on application

book now:


"The world is lucky to have Jo Brown"

Dr Libby

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