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Rising Through Life's Challenges

You've lost a person, place or sense of purpose.

It's hard to get through the day - even small rewards or achievements seem unfulfilling.

Loss has lead you into a downward spiral.

We have a proven roadmap to get you to a point of acceptance to reignite your flame so you can move into your next chapter with clarity, resilience and passion.

The only thing in life we are ever guaranteed of is change!

The Phoenix process guides you through 4 steps from your current reality; through the resolution and new balance into hope and a bright future.


We help you get comfortable within the unknown dimensions of change. They nourish you to create sustainable wellness, strength, faith, and even joy, as you traverse shifts and upheavals.

Together we will focus on following step by step increments to support your long term change.

Sessions support you by :

Focusing initially on your nervous system restoration and repair.

Fully facing up to what is happening now in your life.

Providing practical everyday tools and rituals to keep you grounded in your body and present in your experience.

Clearing unwanted energy ties and links that you are ready to release.

Create result driven strategies to thrive within this new phase of you.

Equip you with tools and insights to enable you to take leaps of faith that previously may have seemed impossible.

Your sessions involve a wide range of strategies tailored especially for your individual needs and include:

Cross referral to a team of practitioners


Physical therapy

Somatic counselling

Subtle energetic exercises

Clearing, grounding and opening practices 

Plus everyday take away tools you can apply in your daily life.


Exploratory Session

Includes 2 hour initial 1-1 session plus 1 hour Follow up session.

AU $350

6 Week Phoenix Process

4 x 1.5 hour one on one time in person or on zoom, assignments between sessions keep you working towards your particular transition goals.


Also includes: 

embodied nourishment 

meditations and visualisations 

reading references 

resources and

appropriate referrals to support your transformation.​

AU $1250

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