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 Sexologist and Somatic Counsellor
Female Reproductive & Sexual Health Specialist

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Specialising in female reproductive and sexual health, Jo provides a full spectrum of services with access to a high calibre professional team to support you from integrative western to eastern medicine.

Draw from my 35 years of expertise from science to spirit, supporting tens of thousands of women, men and couples internationally, as a postgraduate qualified Sexologist,

Somatic Counsellor, Intuitive and 

leader in multi modality wellness practices

to empower you. 

A comprehensive  integrative medical approach to address client needs and concerns over female reproductive & sexual health. Issues addressed include:

 Conditions or symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance including, but not  limited to:


  • Peri / meno / post menopause: or cycle irregularity.

  • Excessive bleeding, breast tenderness, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, cysts & polyps

  •  Sleep disturbances, libido change, pain during sexual activity.

  • Specialist collaboration (Bio-identical HRT, other hormone treatments, ultrasound, radiography, pap smear, breast exam, pelvic assessment etc.)

  • Mentoring on deeper self care and embodiment practices.

  • Addressing intimacy, sexual or relationship issues eg: dyspareunia, vaginismus, anorgasmia, GPPPD (Genital Pelvic Pain Disorder,) SIAD (Sexual Arousal Disorder) , vaginal atrophy, loss of libido, lubrication issues etc.

  • Supporting you through lifestyle, career, relationship changes.

  • Pelvic psychoenergetic healing to release subtle body attachments (birth trauma, ex lovers, transgressions etc. ).

We pay respect to all First Nations and Torres Straight Island people.
We acknowledge the Country, as well as the traditional law and dreaming of the country
and its indigenous owners, upon which we preside.
We acknowledge indigenous people throughout the world.
We pay respect to all Elders past, present and those yet to share their wisdom.
Jo acknowledges her people on Bundjalung country NSW Australia.
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