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About Jo

At the heart of Jo Brown. 

Aussie-born, with a background in psychology, bodywork, energy

healing and yoga, Jo is a Somatic Counsellor and Sexologist. A facilitator and clinician at evidence-based wellness and yoga programs for thirty-three years globally, Jo supports embodied transformation in others.


Studying psychology at Newcastle University, Jo gained her formative

somatic education with Esoteric Physiotherapist Brett Franke. Immersing in anatomy & physiology and embodying esoteric principles, she became a qualified hatha yoga, meditation teacher, counsellor and healer. She has been under the tutelage of various teachers including Sensei Michael Hatchett, Tibetan Mahayana Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Ganden Kadampa Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Ani, Hatha Yoga Teachers Donna Farhi, Tanya Kaps & Tina Nance; White Magic Trainer Alan Oken; Persian Bellydance dance teacher Premala, Embodied movement teacher Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and studied feminine sensual rituals with Relationship and Embodiment Expert Michaela Boehm.

Jo completed Postgraduate qualifications in Sexology from Curtin University Australia. She is currently undergoing her Masters in Sexological Practice, focusing on supporting female sexual difficulties, relationship issues and a woman's reproductive lifespan including menopause.

Privileged to walk country with traditional Australian Arnhem land elders, Jo has been mentored in Australian indigenous women & kinship, social and medicinal lore.

Based in Ubud, Jo teaches on faculty at Yoga Teacher training and is a

clinician and writer. She has been published in The Elephant Journal,

Nature and Health Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, Viva Magazine, The Age and The Australian Spa Magazine. She is currently writing her first book on Embodied Living: Sex, Love and Practical Magic.

Drawing from the deep well of the Balinese Tri Hita Karana

(love of all beings, nature and the divine),

and years of integrating somatic wisdom

through both the lens of both science and spirit ,

Jo encourages embodied transformation and juicy insight

into our own courage,

discipline and compassion to live and love as we truly are.

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