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Wild Wise Woman
Empowering you through your Changes at 40+

" value yourself,
accept the nature of change
& nurture yourself through your becoming "

Jo Brown

     Welcome to Wild Wise Woman 


This unique and profoundly transformative 6-week online embodied living course is for women 40 years and older who are ready for greater understanding of perimenopause / menopause and post menopause.


This rite of passage asks different habits, approaches and emotional skills from you. Amongst these are greater self care, self compassion and a deeper knowing through acceptance of natural change.


Jo will provide you with practical advice, tools and sexological information and referrals including what hormones to have tested and when its appropriate to see a gynaecological obstetrician, pelvic specialist, ultrasound practitioner and other specific recommendations.


It is also a chance to reacquaint yourself with your inner teenager. She needs you now more than ever as you experience reverse puberty and all the emotional support you would give your own daughter or friend.

Side effects from doing this program may also include better sleep, improved moods, juicier self intimacy and sex, body fat management and self acceptance through perimenopause and menopause.


During your Wild Wise Women journey we will be drawing on a spectrum of knowledge from ancient wisdom and practices to the reproductive science of biochemistry and understanding how hormones work and what's happening in your body.

Jo will help you connect with your own body, mind, and heart as you experience the natural physical and emotional changes that come with aging.


Delve into the latest scientific research and sexological studies, biochemical (hormonal) shifts during perimenopause and menopause, and proven practical tools and exercises. These include embodiment practices such as yin and restorative yoga; trauma-informed somatic experiencing and stillness practices like embodied movement, pranayama, and meditation, which will help you to reduce stress, improve your mood, and feel more connected to your body. 


Understand the changes in and to your body and for your soul, during perimenopause and menopause and the accompanying emotional and sexual challenges and gifts available.


Draw from mythology and jungian psychology, psychotherapy, ancient rituals, dance, erotic and pleasure practices. 

Allow the changes to serve you and deepen your current sense of self. Grieve what is no more, kindly reorientate your focus on self care, honest enquiry and towards who you are becoming. 

Take these 6 steps over 6 weeks to rediscover your self-confidence, enjoy better sex and intimacy, and have more energy and fun!



Week 1: Introduction to Embodied Living

  • Introduction to the concept of embodied living and why it is important for women 40+

  • Overview of the course and what to expect

  • Reading: "Embodied Living: A Sexological Perspective" (Sexology Journal)

  • Exercise: Introduction to mindfulness and meditation techniques

Week 2: Mind-Body Connection

  • Understanding the connection between our mind and body

  • Practising mindfulness and meditation techniques

  • Reading: "The Mind-Body Connection in Sexual Health" (Sexology Journal)

  • Exercise: Mindful movement

Week 3: Reclaiming Your Sexuality

  • Exploring societal myths and beliefs around aging and sexuality

  • Learning how to embrace and celebrate our sexuality at any age

  • Reading: "Aging and Sexuality: Reclaiming Our Sexual Selves" (Sexology Journal)

  • Exercise: Body-positive journaling



Week 4: Body Acceptance and Self-Love

  • Learning how to accept and love our bodies, regardless of societal standards

  • Practising self-care and self-love techniques

  • Reading: "Body Acceptance and Self-Love: A Spiritual Perspective" (Spiritual Journal)

  • Exercise: Guided self-massage

Week 5: Sexual Communication

  • Understanding the importance of open and honest communication in our sexual relationships

  • Learning how to communicate our needs and desires

  • Reading: "Effective Sexual Communication: A Sexological Perspective" (Sexology Journal)

  • Exercise: Communication exercises with a partner

Week 6: Putting it All Together

  • Reviewing the concepts covered throughout the course

  • Reflecting on personal growth and progress

  • Reading: "Embodied Living: A Sense of Humor" (Sexology Journal)

  • Exercise: Embodied living practices     







  •     6 x LIVE ZOOM group calls; one per module per week.

  •    12 hours of resources, audio, meditations, embodiment information and    prerecorded video.

  •     Your own Wild Wise Woman E -Book.

  •    Takeaway embodiment, enquiry and reflection tools and pleasure practices.

  •    Lifetime access to resources and course.





This transformational 6-week training is also a gateway course to advanced practitioner training, immersions and retreats in Bali and Australia.


      Upfront payment 

      or 2 instalments


       Starts 2024 Dates to be confirmed.

       Session time: Asia / Bali Time  (all sessions recorded)






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