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Embodied Resilience
Reclaim your Power

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You are exhausted from taking on others responsibilities, issues and energy. You are not clear enough with your boundaries and people please at your own expense, integrity and wellness. You don't trust your gut instinct and heart.

Join us for this 4 step Embodied Resilience Process to rebuild your confidence. Learn how to embody "no" when you mean no so that your YES is potent. Allow us to guide you back to your sovereignty.

Module One
Know your physical body.

Module Two
Learn how subtle energy affects and informs you.

Module Three
Create and Maintain Clear boundaries and break myths that no longer serve you.

Module Four
Action and Accountability moving forward.

What You Gain :


  • Strengthen your pelvic floor and core.

  • Deepen your relationship with your physical and energetic power centre.

  • Postural alignment and soothing restorative exercises for your nervous system.

  • Reclaim your mojo, boundaries and life direction.

Cath Downing and Jo Brown are committed to your empowered living through life affirming choices, values and daily habits/rituals.

With a combined 58 years of somatic expertise both medical and wholistic, Jo and Cath offer restorative physical therapies and multi disciplinary wellness practices.
This is a "hell yeah" event if you are ready for  transformation


When:     Sunday 13th June

Where:    Total Balance Studio
                South Golden Beach NSW 

Time:       8.45am arrival -  12.45pm

Cost:        AU$89 includes am tea.

               Limited to 10 participants.


Secure your place by paying $89

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